Is Weed Legal in Barcelona? | Legality of Weed in Barcelona, Spain

Is weed legal in Barcelona? What Should I Do?

Scales of Justice
Is weed legal in Barcelona? As of 2015, the best, safest, and legal way to obtain marijuana/cannabis in Barcelona is to become a registered member of a private “Cannabis Social Club”/”Social Cannabis Association”.

How Do I Do That?

Legally you have to be invited by another member who can be your ‘guarantor’; who can vouch that you truly wish to become a cannabis consumer. Membership of a private association is 20 euros a year, then you can get the legal amount of 80 grams of consumption per month, and you can access this deal any day. Each new member can add plants to the group’s plots. You also need to provide a valid photo ID (no copies) to prove you are a legal adult (18+). It does not matter how much older you are, a valid ID is mandatory to be admitted to an association. Guests or visitors are not allowed, so do not show up with an entourage.

Currently the government is trying to dissuade the practice of tourists becoming club members. However, you don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join a cannabis club in Barcelona. It is legal for foreigners to join cannabis clubs because the government has not made any new laws regarding the sector.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Cannabis in Barcelona is only legal inside the cannabis club. It is illegal to possess and consume cannabis in public. Possession of cannabis in Barcelona’s streets is penalised with a €500 fine. It does not help saying that you acquired the cannabis at the club :( The rules and guidelines are constantly being updated. If you require more detailed information about the legality of weed in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us.