What is a Barnabis Tour?

Welcome to Barnabis Tours, one of Barcelona, Spain’s most popular cannabis tours. Tours begin in the Gothic Quarter (El Barri Gotic) of the city centre. We have vast experience in the cannabis club scene, a daily agenda that contains the coolest associations that Barcelona, Spain can provide. Since a lot of stoners like you already know that Barcelona has become number 1 in Marijuana travelling destinations, we are here to help, support, and see to it that you receive a safe and memorable 4:20 experience during your stay!

Why go on a Barnabis Tour?

That’s not actually a difficult question to answer. A new person in town could choose either to provide himself with weed by buying from the illegal vendors that sell beer by night on the city streets, or simply register as a member of one of the private associations (“coffee shops”) situated in the city centre. When buying illegally on the street, you will not receive the quality that you expected for the rip-off price you’ve paid, plus you are also encouraging the drug black market and the figureheads that drive it. Or you could simply register as a member of one of the “coffee shops” situated in the centre and have access to:

  • over 35 strains of marijuana (indoor/outdoor),
  • more than 25 types of hashish (soft pollen/pollinator/ice-o-lator),
  • and not to forget the Butane Hash Oil (BHO) that, in case you haven’t tried it, at nearly 100% THC, will change your perception entirely about the marijuana plant.